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Wednesday, October 09, 2002

Introduction to Uncommon Sense, Steve Setzer's blog

No wackos. No conspiracies. Just commentary and links to Web sites for supporting (or opposing) thoughts.

I wrote a better first post, but then my browser crashed. Sigh. Anyway, here's a quick rundown of where I'm coming from (this is your only warning):

Nationality: USA citizen.
Ethnicity: Mixed. Generally Anglo-German with 1/4 Mexican and some indications of Jewish ancestors (needs more research).
Politics: Usually "conservative" but often "liberal" on local or statewide issues. Quite skeptical of international movements and organizations. Pro-Israel; accepting of a peaceful Palestinian state if it ever happens.
Entertainment: Reading, particularly science fiction and fantasy. I despise television and go to the cinema about twice per year.
Culture: Anglophile. Lover of all things Japanese, but especially the Osaka-Nara region. Interested in everything else :-)
Family: Married for 13 years. Three children. We are owned by two cats.
Education: B.S. Applied Physics, 1990. J.D., 2000. Admitted to Utah Bar Association, 2000.
Work: Lawyer and network engineer for a software company.
Religion: non-specific Protestant upbringing, Mormon (Latter-day Saint) for twenty years. Within the Mormon community, very active and very orthodox.


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