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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Data on School Spending

Here is a table of data for my earlier blog posts on school spending in the US.


State per-pupil spending was calculated as the average of three years (2002-2003, 2003-2004, and 2004-2005). This was to capture some of the effects of time; the effect of education on a student's performance is the result of several years of education.

Performance was taken from the 2005 administration of the NAEP, reading and math.

4th grade state average scores were used; this ensures that the measured spending period covers the majority of each tested student's educational career.

Source data comes from the "Nation's Report Card" (http://nces.ed.gov/nationsreportcard/) and the US Census Bureau (http://www.census.gov/govs/www/school.html)

Pearson's r is .24 for math, .34 for reading; the correlations rise to .40 and .49 if we discard D.C. and compare just the 50 states

StatePer-pupil Instructional SpendingNAEP Math ScoreMath RankNAEP Reading ScoreReading Rank
Alabama 3995.002254920845
Alaska 5935.6723633 (tie)21142
Arizona 3401.0023043 (tie)20746 (tie)
Arkansas 4203.6723633 (tie)21732 (tie)
California 4752.6723043 (tie)20746 (tie)
Colorado 4293.6723924 (tie)22411
Connecticut 6792.002429 (tie)2264 (tie)
Delaware 6340.0024020 (tie)2264 (tie)
District of Columbia 6222.672115119151
Florida 4023.0023924 (tie)21928 (tie)
Georgia 4972.3323436 (tie)21438 (tie)
Hawaii 5156.6723043 (tie)21043
Idaho 3787.332429 (tie)22218 (tie)
Illinois 5190.6723338 (tie)21635 (tie)
Indiana 5008.6724020 (tie)21830 (tie)
Iowa 4673.3324020 (tie)22120 (tie)
Kansas 4526.332462 (tie)22025 (tie)
Kentucky 4138.6723141 (tie)22025 (tie)
Louisiana 4353.0023043 (tie)20944
Maine 6233.0024115 (tie)2257 (tie)
Maryland 5716.3323827 (tie)22025 (tie)
Massachusetts 6664.0024712311
Michigan 5130.0023827 (tie)21830 (tie)
Minnesota 5425.002462 (tie)2257 (tie)
Mississippi 3698.332274820450
Missouri 4509.332353522120 (tie)
Montana 4754.3324115 (tie)2257 (tie)
Nebraska 5114.6723827 (tie)22120 (tie)
Nevada 3992.6723043 (tie)20746 (tie)
New Hampshire 5578.672462 (tie)2272 (tie)
New Jersey 7525.002445 (tie)22312 (tie)
New Mexico 4100.002245020746 (tie)
New York 8979.0023827 (tie)22312 (tie)
North Carolina 4301.6724115 (tie)21732 (tie)
North Dakota 4683.672437 (tie)2257 (tie)
Ohio 5086.002429 (tie)22312 (tie)
Oklahoma 3514.3323436 (tie)21438 (tie)
Oregon 4559.6723827 (tie)21732 (tie)
Pennsylvania 6056.3324115 (tie)22312 (tie)
Rhode Island 5938.6723338 (tie)21635 (tie)
South Carolina 4282.3323827 (tie)21341
South Dakota 4133.332429 (tie)22218 (tie)
Tennessee 4198.672324021438 (tie)
Texas 4314.672429 (tie)21928 (tie)
Utah 3218.3323924 (tie)22120 (tie)
Vermont 6891.002445 (tie)2272 (tie)
Virginia 5102.0024020 (tie)2264 (tie)
Washington 4388.332429 (tie)22312 (tie)
West Virginia 5231.6723141 (tie)21537
Wisconsin 5714.6724115 (tie)22120 (tie)
Wyoming 5714.002437 (tie)22312 (tie)


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