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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Feature of Blogger Widget

Okay, that's cool. There's a little title blank above the main content area in this Blogger widget I'm using, and it formatted the heading in for me (in a different way than the h2 tags I used in my old postings).

Okay, most serious users of Blogger already knew that and I'm way behind. So sue me :-)

Headlines in Older Posts

I just added headings to my older posts; I did not change any of the content, but I wanted the "Previous Posts" list to make sense. In some of the old posts, it's not clear from the first paragraph where the post is going.

Any remaining lack of clarity is probably unfixable!

Google Blogger Widget for Mac OS X

This blog started out as a way to learn more about blogging in general. After a few entries, I then took a few years off from blogging.

I'm now experimenting with Google's Blogger widget for the Mac OS X Dashboard. We'll see how it goes. (I know I used a program called Frequency once or twice a few years ago but I barely remember it; perhaps I should find the installer again.)

I can see some negatives to this approach already, though. Blogging from within a browser makes it easy to have multiple tabs open and switch between them for copy/paste; it's a slightly larger context switch to use a different application for blogging. Probably no big deal to serious bloggers. (And if you don't know about browser tabs, you need to go find out. Now.)